Residential Care

24-hour personal care and support for the elderly who may find it difficult to manage their daily life at home. Marian House enables service users to live with dignity, comfort, and assisted independence.

Attentive support with day-to-day life

For elderly people who need help with their day-to-day activities but do not require medical care. Residential care at Marian House supports service users to still enjoy meaningful lives – in a warm and purpose-built environment.

What is residential care?

Residential care is used by people who struggle with day-to-day life. This may be due to a physical disability, a learning disability, mental health conditions, or even just old age.

For these people, finding fulfilment in everyday life can be difficult. Research also shows that elders who struggle to tend to basic personal needs (without any support) are more likely to develop feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.

Residential care at Marian House enables elderly people to live in a safe and comfortable environment, with all the qualified help they need, to hand. It might be in the form of short-term care (respite care), longer-term care, or emergency care – depending on each individual.

Rest assured, we tailor residential care plans in-line with every service user’s own preferences and requirements.

Residential care at Marian House

For some elderly people, it can be hard to ask for (or even accept) help with everyday living needs, especially if they have only ever been cared for by their family.

We foster a warm and nurturing environment at Marian House. Our qualified nurses and care providers understand the emotional complexities of using residential care for the first time – for both service users and their family and friends.

Service users will enjoy the comfort of their bedroom, as well as two good-sized lounges. The house offers ample opportunity to socialise with other residents and take part in leisure activities; and our accommodation is equipped with the best facilities – including comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and even a hydrotherapy room.

Residential care at Marian House helps service users with the following (but may not be limited to):

  • Washing and dressing
  • Administering medication
  • Eating and maintaining healthy diet plans
  • Hygiene and toileting
  • Support with physical mobility

Come and Say Hello

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Book a time to come and visit us at Marian House, and we will discuss any care needs with you, over a cup of tea and biscuits.

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