Dining and Nutrition

Mealtimes that support good health and wellbeing

Mealtimes are an opportunity to relax and even socialise for those who wish to at Marian House. Our team of in-house chefs prepare healthy meals every day, with seasonal produce and fresh ingredients.

Catering to different tastes and dietary needs

There is always an ample selection of freshly-made meals and drinks during every mealtime at Marian House. The accommodation’s Weekly Menu is displayed in the main reception area, and daily menu choices are updated on the dining room notice board.

However, we understand that food choices are also very personal – and so, our team ensures that various dietary preferences and requirements are respectfully adhered to (without compromising on any of the flavour nor enjoyment).

We keep a meticulous record of every service user’s individual dietary needs in their care plan. Allergies, food intolerances, religious and/or spiritual beliefs, and palate preferences are taken very seriously; and our chefs only cook with the freshest ingredients.

In fact, our chefs will personally liaise with service users and/ or their designated care providers, so that their mealtime needs are correctly met.

  • Seasonal produce
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared separately
  • All food-related allergies appropriately considered
  • Meals cooked in-house, every day

Social mealtimes and special occasions

Service users have the choice of enjoying their meals in the house’s tastefully refurbished dining room (which overlooks our garden area), or take their meals to their bedroom if they wish to eat in privacy.

We like to make special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays fun, too (with the service uses’ permission). And so, festive meals and special “treat” will often make it on the menu – courtesy of our chefs, too.

Rest assured, qualified carers are present during mealtimes, too. They can discreetly and sensitively support service users who may require assistance while eating. We will always keep an updated recorded of the individuals who need this additional support.

Come and Say Hello

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Book a time to come and visit us at Marian House, and we will discuss any care needs with you, over a cup of tea and biscuits.

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