Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What questions should I ask when deciding if Marian House is the right care home for the elderly person I’m enquiring about?

  • Is the location easily accessible and convenient for family and friends to visit?
  • Are there nearby shops, public transport, and amenities for convenience?
  • Does the surrounding area appeal to you?
  • Are there outdoor rest areas available?
Initial Impression
  • Did the staff make you feel welcome?
  • Were refreshments offered?
  • Do the present residents appear happy, creating a homely atmosphere?
  • Is the home well-maintained, in good repair, and clean?
  • Does the home have a pleasant aroma?
  • Were you shown the actual room that you or your relative would occupy?
  • Can residents personalise their rooms with their furniture and possessions?
  • Is the room tastefully decorated?
  • Does the room have an en-suite facility?
  • Are there provisions for a television and telephone connection?
  • Can residents lock their rooms if desired or necessary?
  • Is there flexibility to move to another room if the offered one doesn't suit?
  • Does the home provide the required level of care for you or your relative's needs?
  • Is there a regular review of individual needs?
  • Does the home offer higher levels of care if needed in the future?
  • Can residents have meals at their preferred times?
  • Is in-room dining available if desired?
  • Is there a choice of menus?
  • Are special dietary requirements accommodated, such as vegetarian or diabetic diets?
  • Are snacks readily available throughout the day?
  • Are the menus changed regularly?
  • Do the cooking staff consult with residents regarding their food preferences?
  • Does the home offer a comprehensive range of services?
  • Are visiting healthcare professionals, such as dentists, chiropodists, and opticians available?
  • Is there regular access to a hairdresser?
  • Are additional services provided, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy if required?
  • Are there sufficient assisted bathing facilities in the home?
  • Do residents have the freedom to establish their own daily routines?
  • Will relatives be notified if a resident falls ill and receive regular updates on their well-being?
Other Issues/Activities
  • Is there a quiet lounge area without a television for residents seeking a peaceful environment?
  • Are there safe and secure garden facilities for residents to enjoy?
  • Are arrangements in place to accommodate the needs of smokers?
  • Is there easy access for individuals with mobility challenges or those using wheelchairs?
  • Are there accessible toilet facilities throughout the home?
  • Do corridors and toilets have secure handrails?
  • Did the staff appear friendly and caring towards existing residents during your visit?
  • Is there a designated staff member responsible for each resident's care?
  • What training is provided to the staff?
  • Is there a weekly plan of activities, and were examples shown to you during your visit?
  • Are residents consulted about their hobbies and interests?
  • Are birthdays and special events celebrated within the home?
  • Is exercise encouraged, and if so, what forms does it take?
  • Are daily newspapers available for residents?
  • Were there any displayed photographs of recent activities within the home?
  • Overall, do you feel that the specific needs of you or your relative can be met by the home you visited?